felix the bear moves to york

*sings* start spreading the news, he’s leaving today, he wants to wake up in a city that never sleeps…

this is felix who was born in february 2014, he’s very like mungo, but with purple inner ears and paws…

felix 013
felix bear

felix is the most like me in nature.  he’s a bit shy and is a fan of eighties music (the good, lesser known stuff). he was lucky enough to be adopted by penelope who lives in the wonderful city of york. here i am saying goodbye to him – he was a little nervous but also very excited.

felix 003
goodbye cuzzin fuzzy – i’ll see yoo on twittas
felix arrived
felix with his paw-drawn birth certificate.

when felix arrived, he and penelope realised they share a birthday!

but first things first, he went in search of the famous ‘yorkshire tea’.

felix tea
this yorksheer tea should last the weekend…

like all fuzzies, and indeed all bears felix likes his cakes

felix cake
er, i’m just lukking after it for yoo penneloops
felix. cafe
mmm, tea and cayk and sangwiches at the teddy embassy
felix dog book
havin a read of my likkle book of dogs
felix dog
sit! felix training penny pooch
felix volunteered was volunteered to be shot out of a cannon for #teddyolympics 2014 phew, wot an xperience!

here are a few pictures of him exploring york

the magnificent york minster
he loves to read about the local history
and loves to traverse the city walls in the yorkshire sunshine

another successful fuzzy adoption! thank you penelope for the use of the photos.

look out for felix fuzzy on twitter!



dylan bear, libby lamb, rex & ned

the fourth fuzzy was dylan bear. here he is before he travelled to berlin to join burnie and greg’s family in december 2013. as you can see, he love cars.

dylan playing with cars before leaving for germany

he had a very special welcome…

“he’s here!”
“willkommen dylan”


six months after dylan, libby lamb arrived to join the family

hello libby – you’ll love it here!”
libby with bunny jane


four months after libby, was a young doggy named rex





there was a competition to draw some neddyshoes for heinz’s beach house at the beginning of 2015, with burnie & greg’s name being drawn out of the hat winning young ned

little ned
ned’s arrival
greg & burnie with ned


the five bears of furrington

this is the next story of what the fuzzies did next, you can find the first part here .

mungo was adopted by toddy furrington in november 2013. here is a picture of him and me just before he left. he was a little nervous, but i think he enjoyed his journey to his new home because he soon learned to pilot a plane as part of #theaviators (he most likely arrived by van, but i assume he had the senatation of flying)

you’ll be well looked after by grandpaw toddy

he’s also part of the #tweetchoir – i think he gets his love of singing from me.

he’s also technically minded which he definitely doesn’t get from me! here he is with toddy having helped assemble a raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi Assembled
i bet fuzzy thinks raspberry pi is food!

did someone mention food? anyway, the next fuzzy to arrive was joey, about five months after mungo…

Joey and Mungo hug
hello, hello joey!
Which chocolate
do you like chocolate? don’t all bears?
i also like climbing and having adventures outdoors
Balloon Fight
take that mungo!

levi was the third fuzzy to arrive at the riverbank, in june 2014

Levi Arrives
hello everyone :o)
Brofurs at the beach
at the beach – wow! look at all that water!
where does the sea end?
PJs for Fuzzies
joey, mungo & levi got new bearmani jimjams – so cute!
levi and joey always get on…well, mostly

 it’s my t-shirt! no, it’s mine!

a little over a month later another parcel arrived…

joey & levi
it’s for me! no, it’s mine!
Lyndon and Card
it was sort of a parcel for everybody, because it was lyndon

my human writes down the day and time when the fuzzies are born. lyndon was born at 4.44pm. and he was the 44th bear what my human made. and he was the 4th fuzzy to go to live with toddy. unsurprisingly his favourite number is five four!

when the next package arrived mungo and lyndon were ready…

four fuzzies
it’s mine! no, it’s mine!

Cubs Hats

lyndon got some new bearmani clothes to match his brothers, and he and mungo were lucky enough to have some smoking hats specially made by the talented  jane, who usually makes hats for humans. aren’t they brilliant!

Lyndon PJs
and of course he had to have some lovely jimjams
the four cubs love to have a game of cricket on the one day of summer…

in march 2015, a special little bear arrived at the riverbank, one of only two mini fuzzies what the human’s made (so far!) – he may only be five inches tall, but he has a big bearsonality – this is abe getting ready for his journey to toddy’s.

goodbye abe
goodbye abe xx
hello abe, i’m joey
abe & nanny
nanny taking abe up to bed
abe being chased by beanie dinker *giggles*
abe is an apprentice to tonnipur dinker, the maker and mender at the riverbank
fuzzy 2.0 upgrade
Abe Fuzzy and the Cybermen
abe fuzzy and the cybermen
Spring Trees
abe is also a tree climber – here he is with myrtle twecckle
five fuzzies
and here are the five fuzzies with their chrimbo-y christingle

thank you toddy for adopting the five fuzzies & for supplying the wonderful pictures! :o)



a bear, a bunny, an ele and another bear…

hello! *waves*

my name is fuzzy bear, and i am a fuzzy bear.

my human makes bears & a few other animals. i’m hoping to show you new creations and also where some of them are living and what they’re up to with their new families.

starting with ringo bear, pippin bunny, lena ele & anya bear…ringo bear

this is ringo bear and he was won by deedee, who you may should know as the creator of the dinkers and twecckles he settled in very quickly with potty & bertrum dinkers, but he was missing a little bunny friend who he’d known since he was a week old. so a few weeks later, as a surprise, she turned up to join his new family…

# 003
pippin! pippin!
# 006
look! this is dinkerland
# It's my turn.
it’s my turn! can i have a go? not yet ringo
# ringo, pippin & lena
about six months later lena arrived, welcomed by ringo & pippin
#potty and lena
potty takes a shine to lena
#ele in the pot
pass a cookie to potty & we’ll share it can i have one too please lena?
three fuzzies
the three fuzzies playing in potty’s apartment
#fuzzies chrimbo 2
the three fuzzies playing with potty

as you can see in the picture above, ringo, pippin & lena have their new bespoke bearmani   jimjams on!

looking cute in their new woolly-pullys has anyone seen potty?
having a picnic with fluf

at the beginning of october 2015, deedee decided that it would be nice to have a new addition to the fuzzie family, so anya was born. deedee was on holiday, then i was going on my minibobs so i decided to take her with me so that i could post her there and she’d arrive a bit quicker – and we were minibobbing very close to where she was going to live.

devon 006
here we are at the hotel…
devon 062
…and at the seaside

we posted her soon after, and she arrived the next morning *phew*

#anya bear
anya‘s arrived
fuzzies and friends
there was a tweet-up soon after her arrival
but she soon settled in
and had a wonderful chrimbo

thank you deedee for giving a home to four fuzzies and for all the great photos! :o)